Membership Intake Process

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. recognizes two types of membership, College and Alumni. An aspirant (a man seeking membership into Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.) may apply for membership into a College Chapter as an undergraduate student in good standing at a fully accredited four year college or university. College Aspirants can only join the Fraternity at a College or University where an active chapter is present.  Aspirants may also apply for membership into an Alumni Chapter as a graduate who has earned a degree from a fully accredited four year college or university. Alumni Aspirants are encouraged to join chapters that are within a 60 mile radius of their permanent place of residence. 

All Membership Intake Processes, college and alumni, shall conform to the same rules and regulations set forth by the Standing Orders, the Constitution & By-laws and elsewhere.  NO intake process may contain activities barred by the laws of the Fraternity, municipalities, states, academic institutions, and the federal government.  Membership in Alpha Phi Alpha does not give a member the privilege to initiate new members, nor is a chapter granted the privilege outside of its charter jurisdiction.

Eligibility Requirements

College Chapter Membership 
Any male student of an accredited college may be presented as a candidate for membership in a college chapter provided that he:
- Attends an institution where an active chapter is located;
- Has successfully completed one semester or two quarters of a regular year's 
- Is a full-time student taking courses leading to his first academic degree;
- Is in good academic standing with a cumulative grade point average of not  
  less than 2.5 on a 4.0 grade point    
  scale; or equivalent except where the minimum grade required by the 
  college for graduation is greater, then the  
  minimum grade for graduation must be used for eligibility;
- Is of good character;
- Is registered to vote, if eligible and qualified; and
- Is sponsored by one (1) active (financial) member.

Please be advised that any questions or concerns regarding the Membership Intake Process can also be directed to the appropriate official(s).

Chapter Advisor
District Director
Regional Vice President
National Director of Membership Services


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